Welcome to my easy Group Learn Program. The simple way to learn golf and having fun.

Classes can change from 1 to 2 hour sessions and 2 to 5 week programs.

I highly recommend after each class completion that time be allocated to practising and learning your new skills before embarking to the next step.

All classes when complete come with learn ebooklets so you will never feel lost or have forgotton what has been covered.

Classes are Suspended until further notice, new dates will be organised once we are back to normal operations

Learn to Hit
Learn to Play
Learn to Compete
Learn to Golf

My "Easy to hit" class for beginners covers the basics for whats required to make contact with the ball and swing the club. After all, to play golf you have to be able to strike the ball properly first.

The program covers,

Set up - Swing -Chip & Putt

After your 4- 5 weeks you will know how to swing and strike the ball correctly with ease. Many established golfers attend this class to go back to basics and rid those bad habits established over time.

Once completed you are now ready to Learn to Golf

"Easy to Golf" is the next program. A follow on to Learning the next stage of fundamentals to playing golf. Covered are,

Golf swing - Using the 14 clubs - Pitching and bunkers - Advanced putting - Lie of the land

Your golf game by this point is developing to competent stages of striking the ball and confidence in applying the varying aspects of golf.

Once completed You are now Ready to "Learn to Play"

"Easy to Play" is a 5 week program attaining the skills to competently play golf on a main golf course. You will be taught strategies and course management tips to help shave strokes off your score and feel great about

playing. Covered are,

Once completed, you will feel more comfortable joining a golf club and playing competitions

"Easy to Compete" is a 3 week program for all golfers.

Knowing the rules of golf, how to score, playing competitions and how to apply them to your game is a stroke saver that's no different to practising for 1 hour on the range to become a better player,

Covered are:

Rules and the rules book - Competitons and scoring - Using the score card - Local rules

Practical on the course demonstrations.

Etiquette - Course and equipment care - Course management

Club selections - Pre and post round strategies 

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