There is no doubt that modern equipment and technology have allowed golf to become an easier sport to play. Beginners, especially kids and ladies all benefit from the lighter, easier equipment.

 New coaching practices and concepts have also evolved over the years with methods of all differing beliefs being consumed by golfers all over the world.  

I believe that no matter how much technology and new data is available, the basic understanding and how it applies to your game is still the most important fundamental to playing happy golf, whether you be new and hooked or a season advanced campaigner. 

I don't use high tech talk, confusing or contradicting systems. Just simply, an easy to understand traditional program.

 On the practice fairway you will see modern equipment like, swing speed analysers, tablets with online apps for video swing appraisal to traditional good old fashion swing aids like rubber tyres to alignment sticks.

 If you need game improvement strategies, have a niggling problem, lost your way, or are new to the game then my easy fun coaching methods are for you.

Private Coaching

Private tuition provides a personal approach to your game improvement. 

Private  Lessons are conducted at various locations around the practice facility as well as the golf course.

Clients can expect a multitude of teaching aspects to improve your game.

Video analyses ( before and after effects) , Teaching aids, Launch monitors and other swing analyses data platforms

Lesson time allowance up to 60 minutes for a full booking.

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Learn Golf Classes

Our easy Group Learn Program. The simple way to learn golf and having fun.

Group classes is a more cost effective way to learn or improve. Classes are conducted regurlarly and an ideal way to meet new friends and learn this great game together.

Groups are small with generally a 1 to 6 ratio.

Classes are available in ladies, mixed and juniors.

Considerations should be thought for days and times as these are consistent usually over a 5 week program.

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Group Coaching

Private Group Coaching.

 Also available are small groups where friends or family can join and share the coaching time.

Private Group Tuition is also great for the time restricted golfers as flexibility for days and times are organised to suit you.

Clients share in the hourly cost which helps reduce the individual costs

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Private Coaching
Learn Easy Classes
Learn Easy Classes
Learn Easy Classes


Allow up to 60 minutes

 Per Lesson…                                    $79.00

After 3 lessons your 4th lesson...  $45.00
Aged Lessons: 30 Minute Lessons only                    

 17yrs or younger...                         $30.00

 Pensioner...                                     $30.00

Learn to Hit :

2 - 5 x week program

starting at $79.00 ea


Ebooklet -   Online resources  -  Equipment & hire

Learn to Golf :

2 - 5 x week program

starting at $79.00ea


Ebooklet  -  Online resources  -  Equipment & hire

Learn to Play/Compete :

 3 - 5 x week program

starting at $89.00ea


Online resources  -  Rules book  -  Equipment & hire

2 x People:

Allow up to 60 minutes

 Per Lesson…                                          $45.00 ea

After 3 lessons your 4th lesson...        $25.00 ea
Aged Lessons: 30 Minute Lessons only                    

 17yrs or younger...                                $20.00 ea

 Pensioners...                                         $20.00 ea

3 x People:

Allow up to 60 minutes

 Per Lesson…                                       $35.00 ea
                                                                               Packages:                                                                     After 3 lessons your 4th lesson...    $20.00 ea
Aged Lessons: 30 Minute Lessons only                    

 17yrs or younger...                             $15.00 ea

 Pensioners...                                       $15.00 ea

Group Coaching
Group Coaching

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